Sound Meditation by Stuart Preston

Sound Meditation helps you de-stress and journey deeper into you mind and consciousness.

What Is Sound Meditation?

Sound Meditation is a deep meditation guided by the sounds of natural instruments. The pure sounds, including the overtones created by these instruments, put your mind and body into a deep meditative state. You can attend a Sound Meditation session in a private session, a group, or virtually.

About Stuart, Certified Sound Practitioner

About Stuart

I am a long-time musician — I’ve played in the Kennedy Center foyer and in smokey bars filled with happy drunks. I’m also a dedicated meditator, having begun a personal journey of meditation and entheogens after the loss of my son in 2015. And finally, I’m a Certified Sound Practitioner, trained by Hamid Jabbar.

I have offered sessions at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Boyce Thompson Arboretum, the Full Moon Festival, Saguaro Man, and private gatherings.

The Benefits of Sound Meditation

During your Sound Meditation session, you may experience some of the following benefits (source: You are on your own path, and Sound Meditation is a stop (or stops) along that journey. I don’t promise any outcomes. Those are up to you.

  • Quieting the mind
  • To empower positive cognitive change
  • To access and release traumas
  • To bring the self into a state of inner peace and calmness
  • To establish a state of resonance and attunement with the self
  • Enhancing one’s state of presence and self-awareness
  • To exercise a state of equanimity and no judgment
  • To fine-tune self-observation
  • Increasing self-confidence and attention
  • And so much more
The Benefits of Sound Meditation

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