Sound Meditation – The Flow

I design the flow of these Sound Meditations (the full ones) according to one of these three profiles.

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey begins with either a gentle introduction or a bang, representing the Hero’s reluctance to heed the call to their journey. The crescendo comes near the end and flows into the calming celebration at the end.

The Bell Curve

Easy come, easy go. This one builds to a central crescendo and slowly lets you down to the end.

The River

This is a steady flow with the occasional curve or small rapids, but it won’t ever get too rough. From beginning to end, it’s designed to keep you in a deep space with only a few changes.

The Sounds




Sound Meditation: Gong
Gong Spectrum Analysis


Gong is the master of overtones, a great way to bathe yourself in sound. I often use this as the primary instrument in the crescendo of the soundbath. You’ll hear whale-like, vibrating sounds as well as traditional booms and crashes.

Sound Meditation: Himalayan Bowls
Himalayan Bowls Sound Spectrum Analysis

Himalayan Bowls

Another iconic sound in Sound Meditation, the Himalayan Bowls can provide both a clean sound and fill the space with overtones. These are very majestic.

Sound Meditation: Tingsha Bells
Tingsha Bell Sound Spectrum Analysis

Tingsha Bells

Also called Tibetan Bells, the Tingsha Bells produce a clean, high-pitched tone. These begin and end each Sound Meditation Session.

Sound Meditation: Shruti Box
Shruti Box Spectrum Analysis

Shruti Box

A Shruti Box is a traditional Indian instrument that literally bathes you in overtones. Look at the spectrum analysys — all of that sound! It’s a great drone to accompany singing and other instruments.

Sound Meditation - Shruti Box plus Crystal Singing Bowls
Sound Meditation - Shruti Box plus Crystal Singing Bowls

Shruti Box + Crystal Bowls

The two sing together so beautifully. You get both the solid tone of the crystal singing bowl with the overtone-heavy drone of the Shruti Box.

Sound Meditation - Frame Drum
Frame Drum Spectrum Analysis

Frame Drum (18″)

Did you know drums have pitch? They sound a note. And they resonate overtones, filling the space with deep vibrations. I use this to shake things loose as well as to drop into a deep meditative space.

Sound Meditation - Koshi Chime
Koshi Chime Spectrum Analysis

Koshi Chime

The Koshi Chime sprinkles drops of sound over you. It’s a great way to slowly come back to awareness from the deep explorations of bowls and gongs.

Sound Meditation - Wave Drum
Spectrum Analysis Wave Drum

Wave Drum

Like ocean waves washing over you, the Wave Drum will wash over you with sound. Look at that full sound! When deep emotions or thoughts are brought to the surface, the wave drum is a great way to wash them away, clean.

Sound Meditation - Rain Stick
Sound Spectrum Analysis - Rain Stick

Rain Stick

Much like the wave drum, the sound stick helps cleanse your psyche with gentle sounds of rainwater washing over you. It’s full of overtones in that higher register.

Sound Meditation - Bass Harmonica
Sound Spectrum - Bass Harmonica

Bass Harmonica

As an old blues fan and player, I love the harmonica. The bass harmonica fits beautifully into a sound meditation, full of gorgeous overtones. And oh so good when accompanied by Crystal Singing Bowls.